A 12-Week Mindset Training Programme to overcome the exact reasons you struggle to lose weight and keep it off…. with full accountability coaching and expert support.

New Sessions begin the 1st of each month.

What if you could create a lifestyle and quit the faddy diets for good?

You really can achieve your body goals once you learn the “4 Elements to Success” with a weight loss expert that focuses on re-programming your mindset and giving you the exact tools and accountability you need to be successful long-term

Pull out your pen.
Let’s take note of where you are this moment.

Does any of this sound a little too familiar?

  • You rush in the morning, drop off the kids, attend back to back meetings, get back home for 6, put the kids to bed, read a book, then sleep, rinse and repeat and….
  • You are neglecting self-care due to your busy lifestyle, but you understand the need to be healthy for your family.
  • You tried and failed at many diets and now fear the judgement of family members
  • You lack energy to enjoy family time or have any hobbies whatsoever.
  • You prioritise your family – always! You’re more of a giver rather than a receiver.
  • You’re tired of investing money in the WRONG diet and fitness plans
  • You’ve tried everything and the weight isn’t shifting
  • Failing in weight loss is now starting to impact your mental health
  • You can’t understand how some people who are doing the same diet as you and are winning – when you are falling behind
  • You’ve exhausted all the weight loss routes available and nothing works on YOUR body
  • You want life-changing results that are sustainable and long lasting
  • You need accountability tools and techniques to show you how to win
  • You can’t afford a private coach but desperately need the tools and strategies they are using
  • You are willing to dedicate the next 12 weeks to changing everything you thought you knew about weight loss

Then YES, I am talking to you!

What if there was a way to combine fitness and nutrition to guarantee weight loss in a healthy, natural enjoyable way.

  • Waking up and having a ton of energy.
  • Feeling proud of yourself for committing to your health in order to put your family first!
  • Looking in the mirror with confidence, knowing you’re smashing your goals
  • Planning trips and experiences with your loved ones knowing you can fully participate and be present
  • Your friends complimenting your beaming smile and stunning figure
  • Looking forward to getting ready for events and nights out

The MindFIT™ programME teaches you how to …

  • Create a body you love through a winning mindset
  • Use the exact tools you need to overcome those “bad days” and “excuses”.
  • Create a diet and exercise plan unique to you to form the lifestyle you’ve spent years working for.

… even if you’re a busy mum

… even if you live far from a gym

… even if you have already tried many times

START today – winning and equipt with all the tools you need, the accountability to keep you on track and the support of an expert in the weight loss industry.

Lean in and take a look at what is included with your 12-week MindFIT Programme

Swipe right to read all the details for each module

Week 1 - Fire Up!
This live coaching call will lay out everything you need for the next 12 weeks to be successful and will introduce you to the programme
Week 2 - Make Life Changing Moves
Evaluate your current mindset and how this serves you and make the changes needed for success!
Week 3 - Goal Getting
Define your goals using the Glam-Fit framework. Discover the award-winning step by step guide to smashing your goals
Week 4 - Mastermind Success
How to measure success without using traditional reward and punishment techniques
Week 5 - Mindset of Eating
Learn how to enjoy eating and create a lifestyle of balance and nutrition that comes naturally and fits your routine.
Week 6 - Working it Out
How to make exercise enjoyable and work for you. Understand the different training and how to maximise results
Week 7 - Finding your SuperPower
Slay everyday by understanding your strengths and how to use these to help empower you and drive your mission
Week 8 - Mastering Procrastination
We all suffer from it but by understanding it we can prevent it from destroying our chance of success
Week 9 - Habits of Happiness
What does it mean to truly be happy? The exact life coaching wheel used by top celebrities and A-Listers
Week 10 - Self love
This module is all; around body acceptance and how to create the mindset of self-appreciation, self-acceptance and a positive self-image. Because... you deserve it
Week 11 - Be the Inspiration
Stay successful by creating a long term success story that can help others too!
Week 12 - MindFIT™ Graduation and results TIME!

What makes the MindFIT™ Programme so special?


Everything inside the MIND-FIT PROGRAM has been tested before making it to you. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive everything you need to get the weight loss you’ve been wanting AND the lifestyle that goes with it


You will receive weekly 1 hour coaching calls with your Accountability Coach, as well as ongoing support from an accredited life coach and fitness expert in our exclusive private group.


You will receive the MindFit Coaching Workbook PDF to complete for all your course modules and ongoing coaching calls


Your own team of professionals who are monitoring your progress, understand you and your goals and provide expert coaching to keep you on track


We all need a little inspiration from time to time. MIND-FIT program is filled with case studies of women who have been through the program. See how they started and what they learned along the way so you can take their results and fuel yours.


MIND-FIT Program comes with a private, 24/7 community that’s filled with women just like you. This is your space for asking questions, getting answers, celebrating your wins. And connecting with your fellow healthy and fit mums.


MINDFIT™ Flexible Payment Plan

$ 175 3 monthly payments

MINDFIT™ One Time Payment

$ 499 one time payment
New Sessions begin the 1st of each month.

We asked 100 women whether MindFIT™ has lead them to long-term success and they all said YES

  • On average our women lost an incredible 14kg whilst completing our 12 week program.
  • Women reported a 3 fold increase in body confidence
  • 100% said the course was value for money
  • Every woman who has taken the MindFIT™ programme credit “Mindset” as the reason they lost the weight

BONUSES (Worth $849)

10 STEP to SUCCESS Guide (valued at $99)

Glam-FIT 12 Week Workout from Home Guide (valued at $499)

30min personal coaching call 1-2-1 with Jenna (valued at $249)


  • This programme is entirely online and upon sign up you will receive your bonus’ straight to your inbox with details of how to book in your 30 min private coaching with Jenna.
  • Following that the course will commence the first Monday of the month along with other like-minded women and each module will be released weekly with a set of tasks to complete in your workbook.
  • Our weekly Zoom coaching call will cover all of the topics in the module and help you apply them to you and your lifestyle.
  • You will be added to an exclusive facebook group for daily support provided by Jenna and her team.

“Glamfit – probably one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time! The start, with a super motivational speech from Jenna sets the tone for the journey you are about to embark on and put me in such a positive mindset and one thing I keep going back to, if I am having any wobbles.

Each module has been well delivered, allowing me to make this very personal and relevant to my own journey. There are plenty of superb bits which resonated with me, the first food = fuel (and that’s it!), very straightforward but something I often forget. Secondly, the comments about removing fat and thin from my vocabulary; for me, this is something I will have to work on, but healthy is the way to go for sure!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to make a healthier lifestyle for themselves; Jenna is very straightforward and easy to listen to, motivational and has put me in a great place for my journey ahead.”


Jenna’s Fitness mindset programme is such an easy no frills guide on how to achieve your goal. How to find reasons holding you back, eliminating them and developing healthy relationship with yourself to finally achieve what you have set yourself as a goal. 

Great balance of self motivation, relationship with food and fitness accountability habit building. And what is best- a lot of elements are transferable to other areas of your life. 4 weeks of Jenna’s coaching has improved the way I look at myself, how I approach my health, relationships and my business.


Before I took Jenna’s program, I could never keep the training or eating habits going, and it was always on and off, up and down for me. My goal was not necessarily to loose weight, but rather to achieve and maintain a fit, healthy shape, and just following up with the exercises and counting calories was just not working for me.

Jenna helped me develop a system to track my achievements, which ultimately gave me the motivation to keep getting better. I now use a journal and an easy system to keep track of my healthy habits and it’s actually pretty fun. My favorite part of the program is that I gained an understand of why we go back to habits that don’t serve us, and I can now recognize the patters and easily get back on track.

Jenna is not your normal fitness coach, who you’d need to rehire every time you get out of shape. She works with the mindset behind staying healthy, which once you understand and develop it, you can then empower yourself for those long term results. No more on and off.


“In 6 months I have created a life I love, I am fit and healthy and more importantly have the energy to run around the garden with my kids and teach them a lifestyle that promotes health and wellbeing”


“Jenna’s approach to weight loss is completely different to anything I’ve ever tried before. I was fed up of starting again every few weeks and not achieving any real results. Now my results are not just showing on the scale but in my whole attitude to life”


“I didn’t have the support system I needed to lose weight and I didn’t enjoy going out weekly to get weighed. But having Jenna guide me every step of the way has allowed me to learn how to be accountable for myself and how to set goals I can smash”


“Jenna is amazing! She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about helping those grow mentally in order to get in the mindset to get fit and stay fit! My main struggle over the past couple years has been eating healthy but at the same time not depriving myself of foods I love. She has helped me create a balance that I feel I can maintain overall. Thank you, Jenna!”



MINDFIT™ Flexible Payment Plan

$ 175 3 monthly payments

MINDFIT™ One Time Payment

$ 499 one time payment
New Sessions begin the 1st of each month.


First off I’m a mum of 5 little minis (Ages 7,6,5,4,3) and I’m living proof that you can master your body even after birth leaves you feeling low about body image and looking for fast fixes.

You see I’ve been there, after having each of my children I felt down and depressed mainly about the way I looked. I didn’t feel glamorous or like it was worth shopping for my own clothes or spending money on my hair and nails when I’m stuck home all day. I had two stone of weight to lose post pregnancies and didn’t believe it could be done safely and in a sustainable way. I spent time researching body acceptance and quick fixes rather than trying to work for it. I’d been in the gym since aged 16 but I couldn’t find the motivation, I felt it was for the young ones and I’m now a “fully fledged mum” I spent 99% of my energy looking after everyone else but me.

I knew what I needed to do but I couldn’t put it into action. I struggled to find the motivation. And thats when I pulled my big girl pants up and re-trained my mindset just like I’d trained 100s of clients before but I focused purely on weight loss and self-care. I began to become accountable for what I needed to do to feel positive about my body. I learnt about nutrition and began to exercise twice a week. The passion for fitness ignited me again and I decided to pursue my fitness qualifications to help other mums who didn’t believe it was possible. I’m now 2 stones lighter, love my body, have tons of energy, sleep well and I am excited for my future.

Here are the questions to your most burning questions:

This course requires 1-2 hours a week and can replace the time you spend browsing facebook weight loss groups

If you’re fed up of faddy diets and uncontrollable weight loss/gain it’s time for action.

The program begins the first Monday of the month, but feel free to start your exercise and nutrition plans straight away as we can tweak as we go on.

This isn’t a quick fix programme ran by a size 6, 20year old with a six pack, this is long-term, faddy free, responsible weight loss.

This is for real women who need serious coaching around how to lose weight in a pleasurable way and use this journey to help shape a new lifestyle for them and their family

This is the best part! You chose the food and exercise method that works for you. I will coach you how to make it effective and maximise results

Each session begins on the first of the month.

This is completely normal but I have each and every woman’s back in this group and as a team we will support you every step of the way. We will show you the exact tools to never fail again

Personal Trainers are there to direct you in how to exercise. You visit them for one hour and they have no obligation to help you outside of that time and aren’t qualified to offer nutritional guidance. Personal Trainers complete exercise routines with you but not teach you how to exercise independently once you’ve completed your course with them. You then become dependent on using a PT long term. You may use a PT alongside this programme to support you with exercise if you feel you need additional help.

Your payment is 100% secure, refunds won’t be offered once the course has commenced and access to the content has been granted.

This works perfectly for a beginner, someone who is new to exercise or for someone who’s tried every diet going. We will coach you through each element.

Jenna is an accredited Life Coach with over 12 years experience, a REPs registered Level 4 Diabetes and Obesity Expert and a qualified Fitness Professional. She has qualifications in Nutrition, NLP and CIPD Coaching.

Jenna will access the group daily for questions and advice, will be available via DM and will conduct the weekly coaching call where she may also bring in additional experts to support

Let’s chat – Please drop me a DM over on Facebook or Instagram


MINDFIT™ Flexible Payment Plan

$ 175 3 monthly payments

MINDFIT™ One Time Payment

$ 499 one time payment
New Sessions begin the 1st of each month.

You’ll also receive 3 bonuses: (Worth $849)

10 STEP to SUCCESS Guide (valued at $99)

Glam-FIT 12 Week Workout from Home Guide (valued at $499)

30min personal coaching call 1-2-1 with Jenna (valued at $249)

You’ve covered every detail that my programme has to offer you. No fads, no gimmicks and no magic pills – this is me! A busy mum just like you who has been there on facebook scrolling through weight loss groups and signing up to quick fix diets over and over again. Hands up – I wasted my time and my hard-earned money and I don’t want you to do the same! 

I want you to start living your best life right now, and create a lifestyle that keeps you healthy, strong and energised to be with your families and enjoy every single minute without constant worrying about the number on the scale! My mission is to show other mums that there is a way to love your body post pregnancy, there is a solution that can be long-lasting and all it takes is retraining your mindset to adapt to a new lifestyle.

It’s time to get #glamfit whilst stepping up with MindFIT™

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